Three Tips On To Best Position Yourself When Applying For Senior Roles In Semiconductor Industry

​Every job application can be daunting, but the process can appear especially difficult to navigate when you want to position yourself as a qualified candidate for senior management positions. However, this shouldn’t put you off making the leap to senior management. Here are three steps to follow if you’re planning on putting yourself forward for senior roles.

  1. Review your CV

The first step is to thoroughly review and update your CV, making sure that there is a focus on achievements, rather than simply roles and responsibilities. Keep in mind that senior management candidates are expected to be leaders, so you will want to showcase your leadership skills in your CV. Make sure that you give details of industry or career accomplishments and projects and activities that you managed or participated in, and don’t forget to include tangible results of your efforts.


  1. Contact a specialist recruiter or executive search professional

 Not all senior management roles are advertised, so contacting a specialist recruiter or executive search firm will give you visibility of the roles that are currently available. Search professionals differ from traditional recruiters in that they work closely alongside their clients and actively search for talented candidates for executive and senior management positions or those requiring a niche technical skillset. These professionals will be able to advise you on the type of roles which would be suitable for your experience and skillset, provide you with techniques to showcase your skills, experience and qualities at interview, and discuss salary expectations for different roles in different industries.

  1. Learn how to lead other people

Although managing other people simply requires advancement to a role that involves managing others, there is a whole skillset to be acquired if you want to lead other people. Leading involves motivating others, pushing them to excel, developing their best qualities, encouraging them to work as a team to achieve common goals, and helping them discover their own leadership skills. If you see your future with the company you are currently working for, make your career goals known to HR to and your line manager, as there might be mentoring or training opportunities to help you progress.

If you’re currently considering your career options, you can find current opportunities here, or reach out to a member of our team directly.

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