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Why Delve?

Despite being impacted by the 2020 recession, the engineering industry has made a strong recovery. The industry is always adapting as new technologies are developed, and finding the right employees to support this continual adaptation is critical for all business in the sector. This is where we’ve been able to perform a vital role securing talented candidates for growing companies involved in everything from electronic and electrical engineering to water treatment solutions and the processing of technical fibres. 

Advanced Engineering headhunters

Our experienced team have a long track record of completing niche talent searches for engineering and technical companies globally. Our solutions are bespoke: we offer the solution that we feel will give you the most value based on your requirements. 

To support our customers, we continually invest in building a network of talent globally. This network means we can quickly reach out to relevant, engaged parties with your value proposition. Our use of technology and willingness to invest time in finding talent has put us at the forefront of engineering businesses looking for assurances they are accessing the best people to fill critical roles. 

Example roles we assist with

Sales, management and leadership

Project, production and product management

Electrical, electronic design, test and installation, installation and commissioning, development, field service and technical sales engineers.

Engineering Case Studies 

Case study:
NU Instruments

Nu Instruments had a number of positions, across multiple departments, where they wanted to bring in experienced people who would be a good fit for their business. They had previously used other recruitment companies but were struggling to fill the roles, so they came to us with the knowledge that we specialise within the engineering sector.

With over 
80 years experience

We offer value to our customers by providing a complete service that isn’t restricted by location or time zone. Ensuring that our customers have the right people to deliver their growth plans means that we have one point of contact for all your needs – someone who will truly understand your business and your culture working through your challenges with you. 

Our advanced engineering team

Our dedicated advanced engineering consultants are client focused rather than discipline specific. This means that if you work with us, you should expect to work with someone who will know your business as well as they know the advanced engineering market. We offer dedicated, consultative support with processes that have been designed through customer feedback. We create tailored solutions built around your requirements.

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Managing Director

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Client Manager

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Principal Search Consultant

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