Four Important Considerations When Hiring And Applying For Technical Sales Roles

For jobseekers, it may be reassuring to hear that there is high demand for hybrid applicants with both a technical background and commercial acumen, particularly amongst SMEs in the semiconductor industry. However, making the leap from a technically focused role to one that is more commercial in nature can be intimidating from the candidate’s perspective. Here are four things to think about if you’re considering switching from a technical to a sales or business development role.

Use your strengths and transferable skills

People with a strong technical background are inherent problems solvers, a quality which will also serve you well in commercial roles. Those same problem-solving skills are needed but remember that the problems you face will be different to those encountered in a technical context.

Be prepared to let go of looking for one right answer

Whereas technical problems may have one unique or optimum solution, in the business world a variety of solutions are usually appropriate for any given problem. Waiting for the ‘right’ answer may mean that you hold off on taking action, but in most situations it would be better to make a wrong decision than to make no decision at all.


Demonstrate calculated risk taking

Your ability to manage risk gives an insight into how you would approach a business-focused role. Use any opportunities which come your way to tackle a tough challenge or problem, even if you feel outside of your comfort zone, in order to gain visibility.


Be aware of a bias for technical solutions

As someone with a technical background, it may be the case that when a problem arises, your first instinct is to look for a technical solution. This might not always be the best approach to take, however, so being aware of your bias is important.


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