Azenta case study

Introduction to Azenta

Azenta are part of an American Life Science business group, with subsidiaries in the UK and Germany. The company is a genomics service provider to pharmaceutical companies, and they are relatively well known in the specialist fields in which they operate.

Azenta has 3000 employees around the world, with 1500 based in Europe. They have experienced growth over the past two years, with the US business driving growth in Europe, resulting in the need to hire additional team members.

Why did Azenta
need Delve?

Azenta were in the process of opening a new office in Leipzig, with three new roles due to be based at the new premises. As the company operates within the technical niche of genomic sequencing, they are known to specialists but they lacked broader visibility, and thus they were not well known in the Leipzig area. When Azenta advertised the new roles they found that they weren’t getting the response they wanted and struggled to find suitable people. In this instance, a surface-level search didn’t reveal qualified candidates, and thus they decided to reach out to Delve as the recruiting process was proving more complex than initially envisioned.

Azenta were also keen to engage Delve’s services from a time-saving perspective, as reviewing a multitude of candidates proved to be a time-intensive process. For these roles, candidates needed to have a background in a laboratory environment within molecular biology or something closely related.

Azenta also shared that their previous experiences with other recruiters weren’t positive, they found that the service was too slow and that they weren’t offered value for money. In response to this, Delve aimed to ensure that Azenta were offered excellent customer service throughout the assignment.

The Delve solution

Before beginning any recruitment project, Delve always arrange a kick-off meeting with the hiring manager and all decision makers involved in the process. We scheduled in time with the Azenta hiring managers in the first instance in order to understand the brief and exactly what they were looking for. We also talked at length with the HR Director at Azenta to get a real understanding of the company’s people, environment and culture.

Regular contact was maintained throughout the recruitment process and this helped to establish good relationships with different line managers at Azenta. Our proactive communication approach with the respective hiring managers was particularly appreciated by the HR director as this sped up the overall process.

Knowing our clients

We then put in place a multi-position search campaign which focused on finding targeted candidates for key positions in the business including:

  • Clinical Project Manager
  • Laboratory Automation Engineer
  • Bio-informatician

For each role we devised a candidate search campaign including where to search and what profiles could fit. We also worked with Azenta on the approach strategy to ensure that the candidate experience was positive and the opportunities with Azenta were sold to the candidates in a clear and positive way. Our search campaign focused on identifying and approaching passive candidates, who are open to opportunities but not actively applying to jobs, with experience working in a laboratory environment within the field of molecular biology or a related field.

Identifying the candidate

Once we had mapped the market and identified where potential candidates were, we proactively approached them either directly or via social media and referrals in order to engage as many candidates as possible. We then interviewed and shortlisted those that met the agreed criteria and presented them to hiring managers and HR along with a detailed cover sheet outlining our interview findings including why they fit, potential concerns and salary requirements.

We discussed each candidate with regards to their motivations and aspirations to ensure the fit was right and that they were considering the position for the right reasons. This approach proactively prevents situations such as rejected offers and counteroffers.

We worked closely with the hiring managers to review the profiles and generate a shortlist. From here we consulted on interview strategy, feedback, offer process and salary negotiations in order to ensure all stages were successful, and that all parties were communicated with and satisfied.

We also supported the candidate through the resignation process and offered advice on best practice and how to communicate their desire to resign in the best possible way. This led to a 100% success rate on offers with no rejections or counteroffers taken.

Results and ongoing success

Customer feedback is important to us, we measure our success by:

  • Completion rate
  • Client feedback
  • Repeat business

Simply bringing the right people together

The ultimate measure of success can be said to be a process which results in a successful hire. Using our search solution we were able to provide suitable candidates for the above roles within the agreed eight-week timeframe.

As a direct result of the success of this project, Delve was engaged to recruit for other roles at Azenta, including positions based in Switzerland, Sweden and other parts of Germany.

Client and candidate feedback

Joana Langner – HR Manager, Azenta

“[Delve] demonstrates an excellent feel for attracting candidates and in doing so manages to connect us as an employer with qualified external candidates in just the right way. We appreciate your active support to our Talent Acquisition teams as you have also accompanied our culture change. Thank you for your pleasant collaboration, for your extremely fast communication and for your support as we grew. We look forward to continuing to shape the future of our teams with you.”

Who are we?

Delve are a search-led international recruitment consultancy focused on supporting lifescience, semiconductor and engineering companies in finding niche technical, commercial and senior management talent. We are passionate about the detail, making every effort to understand the people behind the CVs and the companies behind the job profiles – this is our “Beyond the Paper” approach.

We combine traditional recruitment experience with modern headhunting techniques and technology. This approach allows us to work in partnership with our clients to provide a genuine consultancy service. Delve’s bespoke approach to understanding your business allows us to provide realistic and achievable solutions. Our experienced team have a long track record of completing niche talent searches for life science, semiconductor and engineering companies globally. Our solutions are bespoke – we offer the solution that we feel will give you the most value based on your requirements

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