Benefits of attending Advanced Engineering trade shows

By Louise Shorrock, Client Manager

Our team recently attended JEC World in Paris which was a great success. 

To get the most out of trade shows, a lot of time and planning goes into the organisation of meetings with clients. It involves strong communication within the team to coordinate who is going to do what, consideration of logistics of various locations across the multiple halls, and using a streamlined format to collate all the information that is obtained.

The more shows you attend, the more you learn about how to maximise the opportunity for future visits.

Being organised in your approach definitely comes with it’s benefits, we have included below our 9 key advantages of attending trade shows:

Stay updated – discover the latest trends and innovations

Networking – connect with industry leaders, researchers, clients and potential collaborators

Hands-on experience – interact with cutting-edge technologies through demos and exhibits

Discover new technologies – explore products and solutions that can address specific challenges

Ongoing Learning – gain insights from educational sessions and keynote speakers

Market research – conduct competitive analysis and gather market insights

Develop partnerships – enhancing existing or developing new client collaborations

Professional development – enhance skills and expertise through learning and engagement

Inspiration – Get inspired by visionary ideas and innovative solutions

In summary, attending these shows is an important way to strengthen your stance in the market and to build lasting relationships with clients who face hiring challenges.

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