Attracting the best employees

What do candidates want?

Many companies are assessing their hiring requirements and looking to grow their workforce. Whilst this is great news for candidates seeking new opportunities, it also creates a lot of competition for hiring companies to secure new team members. Not only do hiring companies have to battle with potential counter offers from candidates’ current employers, but they also must ensure they are the candidates’ first choice as a new employer.

As much as salary and compensation are key factors in almost all job searches, companies cannot rely on remuneration alone – they need to go above and beyond to be a desirable workplace. Companies need to look at what they offer beyond salary, and how they can support employee wellbeing.

When we speak to candidates, we always talk to them about their motivations and aspirations; not only does this help us understand them as an individual, but it also helps us better understand what they’re looking for with potential employers. One of the main things they seek is not just what the day-to-day purpose of the job is, but also what the future progression within the company is. Companies who are willing to train, develop and support their employees and have a clear progression pathway are more appealing to the most ambitious and skilled candidates.

For our clients who have been successful in attracting top talent, they have been able to showcase the plans and initiatives they have in place that develop the hard and soft skills of employees and are able to explain how this will put potential employees in good stead for future promotions. Ultimately, candidates want to see a ‘promote from within culture’ and a clear pathway within the business.

One major selling point in the eyes of many candidates is flexibility. Whilst it’s understood that some hands-on, technical roles need to be operated from within the lab, many roles can be operated on a hybrid basis. Ever since COVID-19, candidates are used to working from home offices. Many feel that reducing their weekly travelling time means they’re less fatigued and more productive.

Not just working locations, but working hours are important to employees. We speak to so many candidates who have family commitments (such as picking children up from school). Showcasing flexibility and autonomy for candidates is an important step in the recruitment process for successful employers and can often be what gives them the edge over other opportunities a candidate may have.

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