Offer acceptance – managing the risks

Picture this, the candidate has verbally accepted the position, anyone would think it is all done and dusted.

However, there are so many factors to bear in mind in the time between the offer being accepted and the new team member starting in the position in the new company. 

Diligence and attention to detail is key, as the earlier you know about any potential issues, the more time you have to find a solution. 

Here are some of the risks to be aware of:

  • drop in communication beyond what is usual, usually means there is an issue
  • Any other interviews and applications candidates have ongoing pose a significant risk, so it is important to ask about this throughout the process
  • We have seen a stark rise in counteroffers recently, we follow up with candidates after they have handed their notice in to see if the company produces a counteroffer whether it be monetary, progression or anything else persuasive enough to stay in the company 
  • Personal circumstances can change out of the blue, so building up a good relationship with the candidate is key to having transparent communication should issues arise
  • If the candidate has a longer notice period e.g. 3 months, this poses more risk for anything to occur in that time.

Essentially, clear and regular communication is key in preventing factors to hinder the offer acceptance not only at this latter stage, but throughout the process.

Delve Search maintain regular contact with clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process to establish good relationships and maintain clear communication. To find out more about our strategic approach to your hiring process, get in touch with our experienced team.

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